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We teach esoteric science, practically and theoretically, with reference to the Western Esoteric Tradition and the Mystical Qabalah. 

For nearly fifty years now the Servants of the Light School, founded by W.E. Butler, has taught thousands of students from many nations under the leadership of our present Director of Studies, Dolores Ashcroft-Nowicki and Michael Nowicki, our Director.

Dolores travels thousands of miles every year lecturing and leading workshops as well as working with our Lodges. Dolores is currently creating a new SOL Main Course which leading students are already studying successfully.  It is the goal of the SOL to teach the Western Mystery Tradition to all who wish to learn, both as a school and an esoteric order, into the future. 

This portal provides administrative resources for current and prospective members of the School, as well as news and announcements for anyone who may be interested. You can also learn more about the Servants of the Light, its history, and its purpose by visiting SOL's informational page at the link below: 

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Students, please note we are doing some website housekeeping at the moment and profiles that have not been used for some time are being deleted. If you find you no longer have an SOL profile, and want one, please contact Admin via the Contact Us link on the navigation bar above.


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Please note: we are changing some of our admin procedures and are now processing applications via email rather than through automated website processes so if you wish to apply to join the SOL School as a student - this is how to begin the process:

 1:  Register with the site 

 2:  Read Joining SOL - A Guide and Introductory Lesson which you will find on the panel to the left. This PDF booklet contains information about how we train people and what you can initially expect from our practical and theoretical curriculum. Samples of most of the questions from our application forms are also provided. 

 3:  Once you have read the Guide and are sure this is the right course for you, you may request an application by sending us an email at  




Dolores' Column

Some Books are for Sale from Dolores' Personal Library


Follow the link to find out more...

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Announcing Two New Books by Heather Goodhand, published by Datura Press



"It is with pleasure (and a sigh of relief) that I recommend this book of Heather's writings, thoughts, and often deeply moving presentations of her personal journey on the Mystical path". 

Dolores Ashcroft-Nowicki. Jersey, Jan 2014. 

"These books are in the form of different journeys, one based on that of the Grail Knight Parsifal, and the other through the Major Arcana Tarot cards. Within these pages are traditional teachings, appropriate quotations, information from 'Spirit', exercises, ideas, and that which is from my own experience. I invite you to come on a journey---your own journey!"

Heather Goodhand.

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Click the cover of Herbie Brennan's new Book to find out More

Herbie Brennan’s first major non-fiction work in more than a decade presents a stunning analysis of how the spirit world (whether you believe in it or not) has determined the course of human history for millennia... and poses the telling question: who, or what, are these Whisperers who run our lives? 


Skylight Press


Dolores recommends that all SOL students take a look at the list of publications offered by Skylight Press. Some of their titles are already recommended reading on our Foundation Course. This small independent publisher is making many authoritative, creative and insightful texts available connected with esoteric work, the arts and fiction. Have a browse when you have a moment. Click on the logo to visit the website.


Book Announcement Archive

 See our archive of older book announcements for more work from Dolores and other members and friends of the SOL:

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News and Events

London Presentation of The Hidden Paths of the Tree of Life Workshop by Dolores Ashcroft-Nowicki


Presented By Lodge Mercurius on the Weekend of 1-2nd November 2014

Follow the link for more details.

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Holy Water - Sacred Flame Celtic Wisdom Workshop in Edinburgh with Morag Cameron


10th and 11th October 2014 - Follow the Link for Further Details:

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Power of the Black Madonna, September 5-7, Scranton, PA, USA

There are over 500 Madonnas in the world, 150 in France alone. All of them are associated with miracle working. This ranges from the granting of prayers, to the giving of children and the passing of loved ones. She is a Doorway into life and into death, the epitome of The Great Mother. 

The Minerva Educational Center will be hosting Dolores Ashcroft-Nowicki for a weekend exploring this puzzle, September 5-7, 2014, near Scranton, PA, USA. For more information, click the link below.

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The Hidden Paths, in Delaware, September 12-14

The Twenty Two Paths on the Tree are well known to anyone who has studied the Qabalah. But there have, from time to time been hints that there is much more to all this than meets the eye.

The Assembly of the Sacred Wheel will be hosting Dolores for a weekend workshop exploring the Hidden Paths of the Tree of Life, September 12-14, 2014. Click the link below to visit the Assembly's events page, for more information or to register.

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Accessing Universal Consciousness, in Seattle, September 26-28

Not long ago the idea of shared consciousness with a Single Universal Mind was regarded as preposterous, and still is in some areas. Lodge Lions Gate will host Dolores for a workshop dedicated to looking at the pros and cons of the argument and asking a series of questions that will guide the discussion and work. 

Visit the SOL events page at the link below for more information:

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Ritual Magic 2 in Atlanta, GA, USA

Emmanuel Rose and Lodge Phoenix will be presenting Ritual Magic 2 in Atlanta, GA, on the weekend of 17-19 October 2014. The workshop looks at ritual from the level of Yesod. Visit the link below for more information. 

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GOL 2014 Announced
SOL International Healing Circle


New Requests have been added to our Healing Circle pages. Would all members who assist others through remote healing, meditation and prayer work please follow the link to find out more, thank you. 

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